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As a Certified Life Coach, I will assist you in seeing your potential so that you may achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies and skills, I will help you define yourself and create the life you envision. I assist my client's in finding focus and providing direction,  all while challenging you, supporting you, motivating you, and celebrating with you every step of the way. Together we will create a plan, detail action steps, and  work through any challenges or barriers that may come your way. 

I often get asked if I can provide counseling to my clients.  The answer is no.  I am not a mental health counselor.  Our roles are very different.  Everything we will do together is  based on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward.  

 I have experience providing life coaching in many different areas, which include:

Career Coaching

College Prep Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Couples Therapy

Self-Esteem Coaching

Parenting Coaching

Co-Parenting Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Family Reunification 

Group Coaching

Youth and Teens Coaching

I look forward to working with you to assist you in achieving your goals.

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I am available to meet at your location (Businesses only) or at my office. I am also available to provide trainings at your place of employment. In addition, I can supervise visits between children and their parent(s) per request by a Department of Human Services.

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